horrification etymology

English word horrification comes from English horror, English -ification (The process of becoming.)

Detailed word origin of horrification

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horror English (eng) (countable) An intense dislike or aversion; an abhorrence.. (countable, uncountable) An intense painful emotion of fear or repugnance.. (informal) An intense anxiety or a nervous depression; this sense can also be spoken or written as the horrors.. (uncountable) A genre of fiction, meant to evoke a feeling of fear and suspense.
-ification English (eng) The process of becoming.
horrification English (eng) That which causes horror.

Words with the same origin as horrification

Descendants of horror
horrify horrow
Descendants of -ification
Jewification Seussification beautification chunkification convexification decomplexification electronification falsification firnification fruitification girlification intensification membrification monstrification nullification objectification prettification prudification regasification resinification sulcification unification whorification zonification