horsepower etymology

English word horsepower comes from English horseshit, English power

Detailed word origin of horsepower

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horseshit English (eng) (literally) horse faeces. (vulgar, slang) Blatant nonsense, more likely stemming from ignorance than any intent to deceive.. (vulgar, slang) Serious harassment or abuse.. (vulgar, slang) bullshit.
power English (eng) (Singapore, colloquial) Impressive. (transitive) To hit or kick something forcefully.. (transitive) To provide power for (a mechanical or electronic device).. To enable or provide the impetus for. (biblical, in plural) In Christian angelology, an intermediate level of angels, ranked above archangels, but exact position varies by classification scheme.. (countable) Ability to affect or [...]
horsepower English (eng) A metric horsepower (symbol often PS from the German abbreviation), approximately equal to 735.5 watts.. A non-metric unit of power (symbol hp) with various definitions, for different applications. The most common of them is probably the mechanical horsepower, approximately equal to 745.7 watts.. Strength.