hydro etymology

English word hydro comes from Ancient Greek ὕδωρ

Detailed word origin of hydro

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ὕδωρ Ancient Greek (grc)
hydro English (eng) (British, countable, dated) A spa.. (Canada, uncountable) electrical power supply; specifically : electrical power provided by a utility (as a publicly-owned one). (countable, aviation, obsolete). (uncountable) hydroelectric power Hydroelectric. Hydroponic.

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Descendants of ὕδωρ
MHDD conhydrine dropsy hydra hydrase hydrate hydrazine hydricity hydriodic hydrobenzoin hydrocarbon hydrocarbonate hydrochloric hydroelectric hydroferrocyanate hydrofluoric hydrofoil hydrogen hydrogenic hydrotelluric hydroxide hydroxylamine namansilite quinizarin sodium