hydroboration etymology

English word hydroboration comes from English hydro-, English boration

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hydro- English (eng) (chemistry) hydrogen. (mineralogy) a hydrous compound. (zoology) Hydrozoa. Water.
boration English (eng) Treatment or reaction with a borate or other boron compound.
hydroboration English (eng) (chemistry) the production or organoboranes by the addition of diborane to unsaturated organic compounds.

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MHD MHDP MHDT autohydrolysis benzohydroquinone cal dehydroamino dendrohydrology dihydrobromide ectohydric electrohydrodynamic hydramide hydrarchy hydrarthrosis hydremia hydrencephalocele hydro hydronymy hydrostratigraphic hydruret hydruria monohydric nonhydric tetrahydrochloride xylohydroquinone