hydrostratigraphic etymology

English word hydrostratigraphic comes from English stratigraphic, English hydro-

Detailed word origin of hydrostratigraphic

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stratigraphic English (eng) Of or pertaining to the arrangement of stratigraphy or strata.
hydro- English (eng) (chemistry) hydrogen. (mineralogy) a hydrous compound. (zoology) Hydrozoa. Water.
hydrostratigraphic English (eng) Of or pertaining to the arrangement of hydrostratigraphy.

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Descendants of hydro-
MHD MHDP MHDT autohydrolysis benzohydroquinone cal dehydroamino dendrohydrology dihydrobromide ectohydric electrohydrodynamic hydramide hydrarchy hydrarthrosis hydremia hydrencephalocele hydro hydronymy hydruret hydruria monohydric nonhydric tetrahydrochloride xylohydroquinone