hyperglyceridemia etymology

English word hyperglyceridemia comes from English hyper-, English -emia ((chiefly, US).), English glyceride

Detailed word origin of hyperglyceridemia

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
hyper- English (eng) Excessive. Existing in more than three spatial dimensions. Linked non-sequentially. Over, above or beyond.
-emia English (eng) (chiefly, US).
glyceride English (eng) (organic chemistry) An ester of glycerol and one or more fatty acid; they are the major constituents of lipids.
hyperglyceridemia English (eng) An abnormally high level of glyceride in the blood.

Words with the same origin as hyperglyceridemia

Descendants of hyper-
hyperactive hyperalphalipoproteinemia hyperbaric hyperdrive hyperestrogenic hypergranularity hyperinstrument hyperinvasive hyperkähler hyperlacticemia hyperlipidaemia hypermeter hypermiling hyperoperator hyperrational hypersensitive hypersensitivity hypersleep hyperspace hyperspeed hypersynchronous hypertension hypertoxic hypertriacylglycerolemia hyperventilate
Descendants of -emia
abetalipoproteinemia acetaldehydemia acidemia carotenemia cupremia fibrinogenemia hyperargininemia hypercholesterinemia hyperfructosemia hyperglucagonemia hyperglyoxylemia hyperketonemia hyperlipoproteinemia hyperpipecolatemia hyperthyroxinemia hyperuricemia hypocortisolemia hypouricemia lactatemia sarcosinemia thalassemic thrombocytemia tularemia urinemia
Descendants of glyceride
glyceridase glyceridic hypertriglyceridaemia