hypermiling etymology

English word hypermiling comes from English landlubber, English mile, English hyper-

Detailed word origin of hypermiling

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landlubber English (eng) (nautical, pejorative) Someone unfamiliar with the sea or seamanship, especially a novice seaman.
mile English (eng) (informal) Any similarly large distance.. (slang) A race of 1 mile's length; a race of around 1 mile's length (usually 1500 or 1600 meters). (slang) One mile per hour, as a measure of speed.. Any of many customary units of length derived from the Roman mile (mille passus) of 8 stades or 5,000 Roman feet.. Any of many customary units of length from other measurement systems of roughly similar [...]
hyper- English (eng) Excessive. Existing in more than three spatial dimensions. Linked non-sequentially. Over, above or beyond.
hypermiling English (eng) Driving a car slowly so as to maximize fuel efficiency.

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hyperactive hyperalphalipoproteinemia hyperbaric hyperdrive hyperestrogenic hypergranularity hyperinstrument hyperinvasive hyperkähler hyperlacticemia hyperlipidaemia hypermeter hyperoperator hyperrational hypersensitive hypersensitivity hypersleep hyperspace hyperspeed hypersynchronous hypertension hypertoxic hypertriacylglycerolemia hyperventilate