hyperphosphataemia etymology

English word hyperphosphataemia comes from English hyper-, English phosphate, English -aemia

Detailed word origin of hyperphosphataemia

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hyper- English (eng) Excessive. Existing in more than three spatial dimensions. Linked non-sequentially. Over, above or beyond.
phosphate English (eng) (US, regional, dated) A carbonated soft drink sweetened with fruit syrup and with some phosphoric acid.. (chemistry) Any salt or ester of phosphoric acid. To treat or coat with a phosphate or with phosphoric acid.
-aemia English (eng) (British spelling) Blood.. (British spelling, medicine) Referring to the state or condition of the blood.
hyperphosphataemia English (eng)

Words with the same origin as hyperphosphataemia

Descendants of hyper-
hyperactive hyperalphalipoproteinemia hyperbaric hyperdrive hyperestrogenic hypergranularity hyperinstrument hyperinvasive hyperkähler hyperlacticemia hyperlipidaemia hypermeter hypermiling hyperoperator hyperrational hypersensitive hypersensitivity hypersleep hyperspace hyperspeed hypersynchronous hypertension hypertoxic hypertriacylglycerolemia hyperventilate
Descendants of phosphate
coumaphos hypophosphaturia organophosphatic phosphatase phosphatian phosphatic phosphatide phosphating phosphatise phosphatize phosphaturia quadruphite
Descendants of -aemia
acidaemia alcoholaemia bilirubinaemia carbonæmia chloridaemia euvolemia gametocytaemia hypalbuminemia hyperindicanaemia hyperlipoidaemia hyperlipoproteinaemia hyperprolactinaemia hypertriglyceridaemia hypochloridaemia hypocholesterolaemia hypolipidaemia hypouricaemia insulinaemia ketonaemia lacticaemia lithaemia spanaemia tyrosinaemia