hyperspace etymology

English word hyperspace comes from English space, English hyper-

Detailed word origin of hyperspace

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space English (eng) (intransitive, science fiction) To travel into and through outer space.. (obsolete, intransitive) To roam, walk, wander.. (transitive) To set some distance apart.. (transitive, science fiction) To eject into outer space, usually without a space suit.. To insert or utilise spaces in a written text. (countable, figuratively) A marketplace for goods or services.. (countable, mathematics) A [...]
hyper- English (eng) Excessive. Existing in more than three spatial dimensions. Linked non-sequentially. Over, above or beyond.
hyperspace English (eng) (scifi, ambitransitive) To travel or transport into hyperspace. (mathematics) A Euclidian space of unspecified dimension.. (mathematics) An n-dimensional Euclidian space with n 3.. (science fiction) A notional space orthogonal to the usual dimensions of space-time often used for faster-than-light travel.

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Descendants of hyper-
hyperactive hyperalphalipoproteinemia hyperbaric hyperdrive hyperestrogenic hypergranularity hyperinstrument hyperinvasive hyperkähler hyperlacticemia hyperlipidaemia hypermeter hypermiling hyperoperator hyperrational hypersensitive hypersensitivity hypersleep hyperspeed hypersynchronous hypertension hypertoxic hypertriacylglycerolemia hyperventilate