hypocortisolemia etymology

English word hypocortisolemia comes from English cortisol ((steroid hormone) The steroid hormone hydrocortisone.), English hypo-, English -emia ((chiefly, US).)

Detailed word origin of hypocortisolemia

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
cortisol English (eng) (steroid hormone) The steroid hormone hydrocortisone.
hypo- English (eng) (anatomy) Below; beneath; under.. (chemistry) Designating oxoacid and oxyanions with a low amount of oxygen.. (medicine) Deficient; less than normal.
-emia English (eng) (chiefly, US).
hypocortisolemia English (eng) An abnormally low level of cortisol in the blood.

Words with the same origin as hypocortisolemia

Descendants of hypo-
hypo hypoandrogenemia hypobasidium hypocalcified hypocingulum hypodermic hypodipsia hypodivergent hypogyration hypoinsulinaemia hypokinetic hypolith hypomethylated hypomotile hypoosmolar hyporeactivity hyposecretory hypospray hypotension hypotensive hypothalamus hypothermic hypothromboplastinemia hypovolemic hypozeugma
Descendants of -emia
abetalipoproteinemia acetaldehydemia acidemia carotenemia cupremia fibrinogenemia hyperargininemia hypercholesterinemia hyperfructosemia hyperglucagonemia hyperglyceridemia hyperglyoxylemia hyperketonemia hyperlipoproteinemia hyperpipecolatemia hyperthyroxinemia hyperuricemia hypouricemia lactatemia sarcosinemia thalassemic thrombocytemia tularemia urinemia