hypolith etymology

English word hypolith comes from English hypo-, English -lith

Detailed word origin of hypolith

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hypo- English (eng) (anatomy) Below; beneath; under.. (chemistry) Designating oxoacid and oxyanions with a low amount of oxygen.. (medicine) Deficient; less than normal.
-lith English (eng)
hypolith English (eng) A plant that lives underneath rocks, usually in climatically extreme deserts.

Words with the same origin as hypolith

Descendants of hypo-
hypo hypoandrogenemia hypobasidium hypocalcified hypocingulum hypodermic hypodipsia hypodivergent hypogyration hypoinsulinaemia hypokinetic hypomethylated hypomotile hypoosmolar hyporeactivity hyposecretory hypospray hypotension hypotensive hypothalamus hypothermic hypothromboplastinemia hypovolemic hypozeugma
Descendants of -lith
Paleolithic age age group agegraphic ageism ageless agelong megalith megalithic megaregolith neolith otolith otolithic overage period phytolith pisolith postage regolith stercolith teen teenager underage xenolith zoolith