hypozeugma etymology

English word hypozeugma comes from English hypo-, English zeugma

Detailed word origin of hypozeugma

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hypo- English (eng) (anatomy) Below; beneath; under.. (chemistry) Designating oxoacid and oxyanions with a low amount of oxygen.. (medicine) Deficient; less than normal.
zeugma English (eng) (rhetoric) Syllepsis.. (rhetoric) The act of using a word, particularly an adjective or verb, to apply to more than one noun when its sense is appropriate to only one.
hypozeugma English (eng) A zeugma where the word or words on which all of the phrases depend is placed last.

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hypo hypoandrogenemia hypobasidium hypocalcified hypocingulum hypodermic hypodipsia hypodivergent hypogyration hypoinsulinaemia hypokinetic hypolith hypomethylated hypomotile hypoosmolar hyporeactivity hyposecretory hypospray hypotension hypotensive hypothalamus hypothermic hypothromboplastinemia hypovolemic