hysterogram etymology

English word hysterogram comes from English -gram (Something written, drawn or otherwise recorded.), English hystero-

Detailed word origin of hysterogram

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
-gram English (eng) Something written, drawn or otherwise recorded.
hystero- English (eng) Later, latter Of or pertaining to hysteria.. Of or pertaining to the uterus (womb).
hysterogram English (eng) A diagnostic image produced by hysterography.

Words with the same origin as hysterogram

Descendants of -gram
hologram sonic sound telegram ultrasound unison
Descendants of hystero-
abdominohysterotomy hysterocele hysterocystic hysterodynamic hysterodynia hysteroepilepsy hysterogenic hysterographic hysteroid hysterokinetic hysterology hysteromyoma hysteronotal hysteroplasty hysterosalpingography hysteroscope hysterotomy