iatromedical etymology

English word iatromedical comes from English medical, English iatro- (Doctor; physician.)

Detailed word origin of iatromedical

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medical English (eng) (UK) Pertaining to or requiring treatment by other than surgical means.. Intended to have a therapeutic effect; medicinal.. Of or pertaining to the practice of medicine.. Pertaining to the state of one's health.. Requiring medical treatment. (informal) A medical examination.
iatro- English (eng) Doctor; physician.
iatromedical English (eng) Relating to iatromedicine.

Words with the same origin as iatromedical

Descendants of medical
Descendants of iatro-
iatrarchy iatrochemical iatrochemistry iatroepidemic iatrogenesis iatrogeny iatrology iatromathematician iatromathematics iatromechanical iatromedicine iatrophobe iatrophobia iatrophysical iatrophysicist iatrophysics iatrotechnique