iatrophysical etymology

English word iatrophysical comes from English physical, English iatro- (Doctor; physician.)

Detailed word origin of iatrophysical

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physical English (eng) Physical examination. (computing) Not virtual; directly corresponding to hardware operation.. (obsolete) Relating to physic, or medicine; medicinal; curative; also, cathartic; purgative.. Having to do with physics.. Having to do with the body.. Having to do with the material world.. Involving bodily force.
iatro- English (eng) Doctor; physician.
iatrophysical English (eng) (medicine) Of or relating to a 17th-century school of medical thought that explained all physiological and pathological phenomena by the laws of physics; opposed to the iatrochemical school.

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Descendants of physical
Descendants of iatro-
iatrarchy iatrochemical iatrochemistry iatroepidemic iatrogenesis iatrogeny iatrology iatromathematician iatromathematics iatromechanical iatromedical iatromedicine iatrophobe iatrophobia iatrophysicist iatrophysics iatrotechnique