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English word iconography comes from English -graphy, English balanephagous ((rare) Acorn-eating.), English icon

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-graphy English (eng) Represents something written or otherwise represented in the specified manner, or about a specified subject.
balanephagous English (eng) (rare) Acorn-eating.
icon English (eng) (linguistics) A type of noun whereby the form reflects and is determined by the referent; onomatopoeic words are necessarily all icons. See also symbol and index.. (religion, especially, Eastern Christianity) A type of religious painting portraying a saint or scene from Scripture, often done on wooden panels.. A person or thing that is the best example of a certain profession or some doing.. [...]
iconography English (eng) A set of specified or traditional symbolic forms associated with the subject or theme of a stylized genre of art.. The art of representation by pictures or images; the description or study of portraiture or representation, as of persons.. The study of representative art in general.

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CDT CT adenography aerography angiography bathygraphic chromatography cryptography crystallography dendrography enigmatography lexicography mammogram oceanography quasar radiculography radio radio silence rheography splanchnography stenography tomography vasography zoography
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