ideolatry etymology

English word ideolatry comes from English -latry (Worship of.), English ideo- (Idea, image.)

Detailed word origin of ideolatry

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
-latry English (eng) Worship of.
ideo- English (eng) Idea, image.
ideolatry English (eng) The worship of the human intellect.. The worship or devotion to the thoughts and intents derived from the human mind.. The worship, attachment, or devotion to a concept originating and existing in the mind as a result of mental understanding, awareness, or activity.

Words with the same origin as ideolatry

Descendants of -latry
angelolatry autolatry bibliolatrist bibliolatry chronolatry cosmolatry demolatry epeolatry gynolatry heliolatry hierolatry hoplolatry idiolatry logolatry mechanolatry necrolatry numerolatry phytolatry plutolatry psycholatry pyrolatry thanatolatry theriolatry zoolatry
Descendants of ideo-
ideocracy ideocratic ideogeny ideography ideomotor ideophobia ideophonic ideopolis ideopolitical ideoscape ideosphere