idiotropic etymology

English word idiotropic comes from English -tropic, English idio- (Individuality, peculiarity, separateness.)

Detailed word origin of idiotropic

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-tropic English (eng) (science) affecting or attracted to the thing specified. (science) turning or changing.
idio- English (eng) Individuality, peculiarity, separateness.
idiotropic English (eng) Aligned with one’s own physical orientation.. Finding satisfaction in being detached and isolated, introspective.

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Descendants of -tropic
adrenotropic aeolotropic chronotropic ecotropic endosomotropic enterotropic gravitropic hepatotropic immunotropic lactotropic lipotropic lyotropic mucosotropic musculotropically oculotropic orthotropic osteotropic plagiotropic renotropic reticulotropic thixotropic thyrotropic xenotropic æolotropic
Descendants of idio-
idioadaptive idioblast idiocentric idiochromatin idiochromosome idiocracy idiogenesis idioglossia idiogram idiographically idiography idiolect idiolectic idiomorph idiomuscular idiopathic idiopathy idiophase idiophone idiophonist idiosoma idiothermic idiotype idioventricular