ileoanal etymology

English word ileoanal comes from English anal, English ileo- (Of or relating to the ileum.)

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anal English (eng) (informal) anal sex. Any of the anal scales of a reptile. (entomology, of a vein) proximate to the thorax. (not comparable) of, related to, intended for or involving the anus. (psychoanalysis) of the stage in psychosexual development when the child's interest is alleged to be concentrated on the anal region.. (psychology) of a person, compulsive and stubborn, obsessed with neatness and [...]
ileo- English (eng) Of or relating to the ileum.
ileoanal English (eng) (anatomy) Relating to the ileum and anus.

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ileectomy ileocaecal ileocecum ileocolic ileocolonic ileocolonoscopic ileocolonoscopy ileoileal ileorectal ileorenal ileostomy ileotomy ileovaginal ileovesical