ileotomy etymology

English word ileotomy comes from English dick, English ileo- (Of or relating to the ileum.)

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dick English (eng) (obsolete) A declaration. (uncommon, US, slang) A detective. (slang, vulgar) To mistreat or take advantage of somebody (with around).. (slang, vulgar) To waste time, to goof off (with around).. (slang, vulgar, of a man) To have sexual intercourse with. (countable, British, US, vulgar, slang, pejorative) A highly contemptible person.. (countable, and, uncountable, vulgar, slang) The penis.. [...]
ileo- English (eng) Of or relating to the ileum.
ileotomy English (eng) (surgery) cutting into the ileum; ileostomy.

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Descendants of ileo-
ileectomy ileoanal ileocaecal ileocecum ileocolic ileocolonic ileocolonoscopic ileocolonoscopy ileoileal ileorectal ileorenal ileostomy ileovaginal ileovesical