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English word immunology comes from English immune, English -ology

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immune English (eng) (rare, transitive) To make immune. (epidemiology) A person who is not susceptible to infection by a particular disease (by extension) Not vulnerable.. (medicine) Of or pertaining to the immune system.. (medicine, usually with "to") Protected by inoculation, or due to innate resistance to pathogens.. (usually with "from") Exempt; not subject to.
-ology English (eng) (often, humorous) added to an ordinary English word to create a name for a (possibly non-existent) field of study.. , used for phonological reasons when the preceding morpheme ends in certain consonant sounds.
immunology English (eng) (medicine) The branch of medicine that studies the body's immune system.

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Descendants of immune
-lim- GRID Sabin vaccine adalimumab gay-related immunodeficiency immunify immunological immunologist immunome nonimmunity radioimmunology
Descendants of -ology
Byzantinology Hittitological Hittitology Vaticanologist anthroposomatology cerebrology environment enzymologist exoplanetology glossary glott- historiology hydrologist orthopterologist paremiological pharmacologic pharmacological pimpology polyglot scatological sexologist somatotypology terminology