imperial etymology

English word imperial comes from Latin imperium, Latin -alis, and later Latin imperialis (Of the empire or emperor, imperial.)

Detailed word origin of imperial

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imperium Latin (lat) (military) Military authority, the command (of an army).. A command, order, direction, bidding.. Absolute command over the empire (or other polity); sovereignty; sway.. The empire, state, imperial government, realm, dominion.. The exercise of authority, rule, law, control.. The right or power to command or be in control; dominion.
-alis Latin (lat) Used to form adjectives of relationship from nouns or numerals.
imperialis Latin (lat) Of the empire or emperor, imperial.
imperial Old French (fro)
imperial English (eng) Of special, superior, or unusual size or excellence.. Related to an empire, emperor, or empress.. Relating to the British imperial system of measurement.. Very grand or fine. (card games, countable) Any of several combinations of cards which score in this game.. (card games, uncountable) A card game differing from piquet in some minor details, and in having a trump.. (paper, printing) A [...]

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Descendants of imperium
Descendants of -alis
actor animal capital card central channel chatter corner criminal funeral general hospital hotel legal master mental natural personal real royal social states total trial usual