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English word impress comes from Latin premere, Latin ingratus (Thankless. Ungrateful. Unpleasant, disagreeable.), Latin premo (I press. I pursue.).

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premere Latin (lat)
ingratus Latin (lat) Thankless. Ungrateful. Unpleasant, disagreeable.
premo Latin (lat) I press. I pursue.
imprimo Latin (lat) I press. I print.
impressus Latin (lat)
impressen Middle English (1100-1500) (enm)
impress English (eng) A heraldic device; an impresa.. A stamp or seal used to make an impression.. An impression on the mind, imagination etc.. An impression; an impressed image or copy of something.. Characteristic; mark of distinction; stamp.. The act of impressing, or taking by force for the public service; compulsion to serve; also, that which is impressed.. The act of impressing. (figurative) To fix deeply [...]

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Descendants of premere
blueprint express fingerprint footprint oppression pregnant pressure print
Descendants of premo
espresso expression suppress