incestophilia etymology

English word incestophilia comes from English balanephagous ((rare) Acorn-eating.), English -philia, English incest

Detailed word origin of incestophilia

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balanephagous English (eng) (rare) Acorn-eating.
-philia English (eng) (pathology) abnormal liking or tendency; paraphilia. Liking; love (for something).
incest English (eng) To engage in sexual intercourse with a relative. Sexual relations between close relatives, especially immediate family members and first cousins, usually considered taboo; in many jurisdictions, close relatives are not allowed to marry, and incest is a crime.
incestophilia English (eng) (rare) The love of incest.

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Descendants of balanephagous
Descendants of -philia
Judeophilia bibliophilia blackophilia ethnophilia haematophilia hydrophilia kleptophilia lesbophilia limnophilia logophilia mechaphilia mycophilia mysophilia necrophile nepiophilia ochlophilia olfactophilia plumbophilia polyphilia pornophilia pyrophilia pædophilia teratophilia trichophilia
Descendants of incest
Waycest Weasleycest auntcest dormcest fauxcest floorcest hallcest selfcest sibcest