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English word info-dump comes from English info ((informal) information.), English dump

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info English (eng) (informal) information.
dump English (eng) (UK, archaic) A lead counter used in the game of chuck-farthing.. (UK, archaic) A thick, ill-shapen piece. (transitive) To discard; to get rid of something one does not want anymore.. (transitive) To knock heavily; to stump.. (transitive) To release, especially in large quantities and chaotic manner.. (transitive) To sell below cost or very cheaply; to engage in dumping.. (transitive, US) To [...]
info-dump English (eng) (chiefly, computing) A large volume of data supplied at the same time.. A long paragraph or series of paragraphs in a work of fiction that reveals often tedious or dull expository information through the voice of the narrator.

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