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English word initiative comes from Latin ineo, Latin inire, Malayalam *initiativus, and later Latin initium (Beginning.).

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ineo Latin (lat) (transitive, by extension, followed by the accusative) I take up (an office, position).. I begin (a certain activity, enterprise, business).. I enter, go into.. I have intercourse.
inire Latin (lat)
*initiativus Malayalam (mal)
initium Latin (lat) Beginning.
initio Latin (lat) I begin, originate.. I initiate, consecrate.
initiare Latin (lat)
initiare Late Latin (LL)
initiative French (fra) Initiative.
initiative English (eng) A beginning; a first move.. A new development; a fresh approach to something; a new way of dealing with a problem.. An issue to be voted on, brought to the ballot by a sufficient number of signatures from among the voting public.. The ability to act first or on one's own. In which voter initiatives can be brought to the ballot.. Serving to initiate; inceptive; initiatory; introductory; [...]

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