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English word injun comes from English Acadian

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Acadian English (eng) (geology) Of or pertaining to the Acadian epoch.. Of or pertaining to Acadia, its people, or their language or culture. [First attested in the early 19th century.] (Canada) A French speaking descendant of the early settlers in the Maritime Provinces.. (geology) The Middle Cambrian epoch, lasting from 497 million years ago to 509 million years ago.. (rare) Acadian French: the form of French [...]
Cajun English (eng) Of spicy food prepared in the style of the Cajun people.. Relating to the Cajun people or their culture. A member of an ethnic group of Acadian French or white Creole origin, primarily living in Southern Louisiana.
injun English (eng) (US, slang, often, offensive) a Native American.

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