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English word inland comes from English in-, English land

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in- English (eng) In, into (non-productive) Added to adjectives to mean not. (non-productive) Added to nouns to mean lacking or without. (non-productive) Used with certain words to reverse their meaning In, into, towards, within.
land English (eng) (Irish English, colloquial) A fright.. (agriculture) The ground left unploughed between furrows; any of several portions into which a field is divided for ploughing.. (ballistics) The space between the rifling grooves in a gun.. (electronics) A conducting area on a board or chip which can be used for connecting wires.. (nautical) The lap of the strakes in a clinker-built boat; the lap of [...]
inland English (eng) The interior part of a country. Confined to a country or state; domestic; not foreign; as, an inland bill of exchange.. Limited to the land, or to inland routes; within the seashore boundary; not passing on, or over, the sea. Within the land; relatively remote from the ocean or from open water; interior Into, or towards, the interior of the land, away from the coast.

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immoral impound inappropriate inaudible incapable incomprehensible indispensable inexperienced informal informed inhuman insecure insensitive insignificant inspector invalid invaluable irrelevant irresistible irresponsible