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English word insert comes from Latin sero, Latin sero

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sero Latin (lat) (figuratively) I found, establish; scatter, spread, disseminate; propagate; excite; cause, produce.. (of persons) I beget, bring forth, produce.. I sow, plant.
sero Latin (lat) (figuratively) I join, interweave, connect; combine, compose, contrive.. I join or bind together; plait, interweave, interlace, entwine.
inserere Latin (lat)
insertus Latin (lat)
insert English (eng) (genetics) A sequence of DNA inserted into another DNA molecule. (linguistics) An expression, such as "please" or an interjection, that may occur at various points in an utterance.. A promotional or instructive leaflet inserted into a magazine, newspaper, tape or disk package, etc.. An image inserted into text. (transitive) To put in between or into.

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Descendants of sero
la season seasonal
Descendants of sero
serial series