inspector etymology

English word inspector comes from English in-, English look, English spectare

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in- English (eng) In, into (non-productive) Added to adjectives to mean not. (non-productive) Added to nouns to mean lacking or without. (non-productive) Used with certain words to reverse their meaning In, into, towards, within.
look English (eng) (copulative) To give an appearance of being.. (dated, sometimes, figurative) To show oneself in looking.. (intransitive, often, with "at") To try to see, to pay attention to with one’s eyes.. (intransitive, often, with "for") To search for, to try to find.. (transitive) To express or manifest by a look.. (transitive, obsolete) To expect.. (transitive, obsolete) To influence, overawe, or [...]
spectare English (eng)
inspector English (eng) (law enforcement) A police officer ranking below superintendent.. A person employed to inspect something.

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immoral impound inappropriate inaudible incapable incomprehensible indispensable inexperienced informal informed inhuman inland insecure insensitive insignificant invalid invaluable irrelevant irresistible irresponsible