intensification etymology

English word intensification comes from English intense, English -ification (The process of becoming.)

Detailed word origin of intensification

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intense English (eng) Extreme in degree; excessive.. Extreme in size or strength.. Strained; tightly drawn.. Stressful and tiring.. Strict, very close or earnest.. Very severe.
-ification English (eng) The process of becoming.
intensification English (eng) The act or process of intensifying, or of making more intense.

Words with the same origin as intensification

Descendants of intense
intensate intensation intensify intensity
Descendants of -ification
Jewification Seussification beautification chunkification convexification decomplexification electronification falsification firnification fruitification girlification horrification membrification monstrification nullification objectification prettification prudification regasification resinification sulcification unification whorification zonification