international etymology

English word international comes from English national, English inter- (Between, amid, among, during, within, mutual, reciprocal.)

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national English (eng) (by extension) Of or having to do with a country (sovereign state).. Of or having to do with a nation. (usually, in the plural) A tournament in which participants from all over the nation compete.. A subject of a nation.
inter- English (eng) Between, amid, among, during, within, mutual, reciprocal.
international English (eng) (sports) A game or contest between two or more nations.. (sports) Someone who has represented their country in a particularly sport. Between or among nations. Foreign; of another nation.. Independent of national boundaries; common to all people.. Of or concerning the association called the International.. Of or having to do with more than one nation.. Common to, or affecting, two or more [...]

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interact interaction interface interstate lard