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English word intranet comes from English net, English intra- (A prefix signifying inside, within, interior, during.).

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net English (eng) (by extension) A trap.. (electronics) A conductor that interconnects two or more component terminals.. (geometry) Of a polyhedron, any set of polygons joined edge to edge that, when folded along the edges between adjoining polygons so that the outer edges touch, form the polyhedron.. (sports) A framework backed by a mesh, serving as the goal in hockey, soccer, lacrosse, etc.. (sports, [...]
intra- English (eng) A prefix signifying inside, within, interior, during.
intranet English (eng) (computing) A private computer network that uses the protocols of the Internet.

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intrabreed intracerebellar intracerebral myiasis intracomponent intraconjunctival intracorneal intracranial intradermal intradomicile intrafactional intrahepatocyte intraileal intranight intranuclear intraplacental intraplaque intraradical intrarelationship intraspherule intrauterine intravalley intravascular intravenous intravoxel