intravenous etymology

English word intravenous comes from English venous, English intra- (A prefix signifying inside, within, interior, during.)

Detailed word origin of intravenous

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venous English (eng) Having numerous veins.. Of or pertaining to veins.. Possessing veins.
intra- English (eng) A prefix signifying inside, within, interior, during.
intravenous English (eng) (medicine) A dose of medicine administered from a drip, down through a hollow needle inserted into a patient's vein. Inside the veins.

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Descendants of intra-
intrabreed intracerebellar intracerebral myiasis intracomponent intraconjunctival intracorneal intracranial intradermal intradomicile intrafactional intrahepatocyte intraileal intranet intranight intranuclear intraplacental intraplaque intraradical intrarelationship intraspherule intrauterine intravalley intravascular intravoxel