invex etymology

English word invex comes from Latin veho, and later Latin conveho (I carry (to a place). I collect or gather. I harvest.)

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veho Latin (lat) (passive) I ride; I am borne.. I carry, bear, convey, transport.
conveho Latin (lat) I carry (to a place). I collect or gather. I harvest.
convexus Latin (lat) Convex or concave (depending on context). Inclined (sloping downwards). Vaulted, arched, rounded.
convex English (eng) (functional analysis, not comparable, of a real-valued function on the reals) having an epigraph which is a convex set.. (geometry, not comparable, of a polygon) having no internal angles greater than 180 degrees.. (mathematics, not comparable, of a set) arranged such that for any two points in the set, a straight line between the two points is contained within the set.. Curved or bowed [...]
invex English (eng) (mathematics) A differentiable function ƒ from Rn to R is invex if there exists a vector valued function g such that f(x) - f(u) \geq g(x, u) \cdot \nabla f(u), \, for all x and u.

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SUV air vehicle antivehicular convex ground vehicle in-vehicle invected invective inveigh odorivector vector vector field vector product vector-borne vectorial vectorizability vectorize vehicle vehicular vehicular homicide vehicularly housed