iodhydrin etymology

English word iodhydrin comes from English chlorhydrin, English iodine

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chlorhydrin English (eng) (chemistry) One of a class of compounds formed from certain polybasic alcohols (especially glycerin) by the substitution of chlorine for one or more hydroxyl groups.
iodine English (eng) (countable, uncountable, obsolete) An iodide.. A chemical element (symbol: I) with an atomic number of 53; one of the halogens.. An antiseptic incorporating the element. (transitive) to treat with iodine.
iodhydrin English (eng) (organic compound) One of a series of compounds containing iodine, and analogous to the chlorhydrins.

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caesium iodide curium iodide diiodide hydrogen iodide iodian iodide iodiferous iodinase iodinate iodiodide iodozone iodyrite iron iodide kalium iodide lithium iodide potassium iodide scandium iodide triiodide