iodoacetamide etymology

English word iodoacetamide comes from English iodo- ((chemistry) containing iodine.), English acetamide ((organic compound) The amide of acetic acid, CH3CONH2.)

Detailed word origin of iodoacetamide

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iodo- English (eng) (chemistry) containing iodine.
acetamide English (eng) (organic compound) The amide of acetic acid, CH3CONH2.
iodoacetamide English (eng) (organic compound) The halogenated derivative of acetamide, CH2I-CO-NH2, that is used, in peptide mapping, to bind to cysteine.

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iodoacetate iodoadamantane iodoamphetamine iodoanisole iodobenzene iodobenzoate iodobutane iodohippurate iodomecone iodomorphine iodophor iodoplumbism iodoprotein iodoquinine iodoquinoline iodoresiniferatoxin iodostrychnine iodosugar iodosulfide iodosulfite iodosulphate iodosulphide iodothyrin iodothyronine
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