iodomethane etymology

English word iodomethane comes from English methane, English iodo- ((chemistry) containing iodine.)

Detailed word origin of iodomethane

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methane English (eng) (organic chemistry, countable) Any of very many derivatives of methane.. (organic compound, uncountable) The simplest aliphatic hydrocarbon, CH4, being a constituent of natural gas.
iodo- English (eng) (chemistry) containing iodine.
iodomethane English (eng) (organic compound) The aliphatic halogenated hydrocarbon, CH3I, that is used in organic synthesis to introduce a methyl group into compounds.

Words with the same origin as iodomethane

Descendants of methane
methalox methanation methanic methanol
Descendants of iodo-
iodoacetamide iodoacetate iodoadamantane iodoamphetamine iodoanisole iodobenzene iodobenzoate iodobutane iodohippurate iodomecone iodomorphine iodophor iodoplumbism iodoprotein iodoquinine iodoquinoline iodoresiniferatoxin iodostrychnine iodosugar iodosulfide iodosulfite iodosulphate iodosulphide iodothyrin iodothyronine