iodoquinoline etymology

English word iodoquinoline comes from English iodo- ((chemistry) containing iodine.), English quinoline

Detailed word origin of iodoquinoline

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iodo- English (eng) (chemistry) containing iodine.
quinoline English (eng) (organic compound) Any of a class of aromatic heterocyclic compounds containing a benzene ring fused with a pyridine ring; especially the simplest such compound, C9H7N.
iodoquinoline English (eng) (organic chemistry) Any iodo derivative of quinoline.

Words with the same origin as iodoquinoline

Descendants of iodo-
iodoacetamide iodoacetate iodoadamantane iodoamphetamine iodoanisole iodobenzene iodobenzoate iodobutane iodohippurate iodomecone iodomorphine iodophor iodoplumbism iodoprotein iodoquinine iodoresiniferatoxin iodostrychnine iodosugar iodosulfide iodosulfite iodosulphate iodosulphide iodothyrin iodothyronine
Descendants of quinoline
bathophenanthroline phenanthroline praziquantel quinolinate quinolinic quinolinium quinolinone quinolinyl quinolone