iodoresiniferatoxin etymology

English word iodoresiniferatoxin comes from English iodo- ((chemistry) containing iodine.), English resiniferatoxin

Detailed word origin of iodoresiniferatoxin

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iodo- English (eng) (chemistry) containing iodine.
resiniferatoxin English (eng) (organic compound) A naturally occurring, ultrapotent capsaicin analogue that activates the vanilloid receptor in a subpopulation of primary afferent sensory neurons involved in nociception.
iodoresiniferatoxin English (eng) An iodinated form of resiniferatoxin, produced by the Moroccan succulent Euphorbia resinifera.

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iodoacetamide iodoacetate iodoadamantane iodoamphetamine iodoanisole iodobenzene iodobenzoate iodobutane iodohippurate iodomecone iodomorphine iodophor iodoplumbism iodoprotein iodoquinine iodoquinoline iodostrychnine iodosugar iodosulfide iodosulfite iodosulphate iodosulphide iodothyrin iodothyronine