ionocraft etymology

English word ionocraft comes from English -craft, English iono- (ISV combining form denoting relationship to ions.)

Detailed word origin of ionocraft

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
-craft English (eng) Denoting a skill of a particular kind. Denoting a vehicle of a particular type.
iono- English (eng) ISV combining form denoting relationship to ions.
ionocraft English (eng) An aircraft propelled by electrohydrodynamic propulsion.

Words with the same origin as ionocraft

Descendants of -craft
bardcraft bitchcraft bookcraft courtcraft druidcraft flightcraft gypsycraft hexcraft hovercraft kingcraft mothercraft parentcraft pencraft rivercraft sagecraft speechcraft spycraft starcraft statecraft stitchcraft thrillcraft warcraft witcraft woodcraft wortcraft
Descendants of iono-
compomer ionocovalent ionogenic ionogram ionomer ionomeric ionopause ionophobic ionosonde ionosphere