ionomer etymology

English word ionomer comes from English -mer, English iono- (ISV combining form denoting relationship to ions.)

Detailed word origin of ionomer

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-mer English (eng) (chemistry) Used to form words relating to chemical structure, denoting parts of a molecule, for example, monomer (one part), dimer (two parts), polymer (many parts).
iono- English (eng) ISV combining form denoting relationship to ions.
ionomer English (eng) (chemistry) a polymer, or a biological macromolecule (such as a protein) in which a small but significant proportion of the constituent monomers have ionic groups.

Words with the same origin as ionomer

Descendants of -mer
anomeric atropisomerism concatemer decameric elastomer enantiomeric epimer hexameric homomer ionomeric isomer isomerase isomerize isomeromorphism kmer metamer octamer octameric oligopolymer peplomer polymer structural isomer tautomerism tetramer tetrameric
Descendants of iono-
compomer ionocovalent ionocraft ionogenic ionogram ionopause ionophobic ionosonde ionosphere