isoenzymic etymology

English word isoenzymic comes from English iso-, English enzymic (Of, pertaining to, or using enzymes; enzymatic.)

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iso- English (eng) (chemistry) forms terms relating to isomers. (mathematics) forms terms relating to isomorphisms. (organic chemistry) (of an aliphatic compound, especially a fatty acid) Having a branch on the penultimate carbon atom of a chain. (physics) forms terms relating to isotopes. Equal.
enzymic English (eng) Of, pertaining to, or using enzymes; enzymatic.
isoenzymic English (eng) Relating to isoenzymes.

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isenergic isoantigen isoattenuation isobutyraldehyde isochasm isoecho isoexcitation isofield isogram isoionic isoluminant isomaltotriose isomer isomyopia isopalmitic acid isoparaffin isopropyl isopropylacetone isopropylamide isoproscaline isosteviol isostructural isotopic isovaline isovitexin