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English word jeopardize comes English jeopardy, which in turn comes from Old French jeu parti - a (fairly) divided game, i.e. a situation in a game where both sides have an equal chance of winning.

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jeu Old French (fro) Game
parti Old French (fro) Side. Left. Lost. Divided.
jeu parti Old French (fro) Evenly divided game - a game where the chances of win or loss are evenly balanced
jeopardy English (eng) Danger of loss, harm, or failure. (transitive, archaic) To jeopardize; to endanger.
-ize English (eng) Used to form verbs from nouns or adjectives, the verbs having the sense of "to make what is denoted by the noun/adjective".
jeopardize English (eng) (US) To put in jeopardy, to threaten.

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