jolly etymology

English word jolly comes from Proto-Germanic *jehwlą, and later Old Norse jól (Yule, midwinter season.)

Detailed word origin of jolly

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*jehwlą Proto-Germanic (gem-pro) (plural) Yule (literally "the festivities"). Festivity, celebration.
jól Old Norse (non) Yule, midwinter season.
jolif Old French (fro) (early Old French) pretty; attractive.
jolif Middle English (enm)
jolly English (eng) (British, dated) very, extremely (British, dated) A pleasure trip or excursion.. (slang, dated) A marine in the English navy. (transitive) To amuse or divert. Full of merriment and high spirits; jovial.

Words with the same origin as jolly

Descendants of *jehwlą
Yule Yule log Yule tree Yule wreath Yulefest Yuletide jol jollify jolliment jollity yule yuletide