jovicentric etymology

English word jovicentric comes from English Jove ((Roman god) Jupiter, god of the sky.), English -centric

Detailed word origin of jovicentric

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Jove English (eng) (Roman god) Jupiter, god of the sky.
-centric English (eng) Having a specified number of centres. Having a specified object at the centre, or as the focus of attention.
jovicentric English (eng) (astronomy) Revolving around the planet Jupiter; appearing as viewed from Jupiter.

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Descendants of Jove
cis-Jovian perijove trans-Jovian
Descendants of -centric
Afrocentrically Americentric Christocentric Danocentric Hibernocentric Scotocentric Swedocentric acrocentric androcentric autocentric ciscentric cybercentric egocentric endocentricity excentric heterocentric holocentric idiocentric lipocentric matricentric metrocentric nucleocentric omphalocentric somatocentric