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English word junkyard comes from English yard, English junk

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yard English (eng) (finance) 109, A short scale billion; a long scale thousand millions or milliard. (transitive) To confine to a yard. (US, slang, uncommon) 100 dollars.. (nautical) A long tapered timber hung on a mast to which is bent a sail, and may be further qualified as a square, lateen, or lug yard. The first is hung at right angles to the mast, the latter two hang obliquely.. (obsolete) A branch, twig, [...]
junk English (eng) (transitive) To find something for very little money (meaning derived from the term junk shop). (transitive) To throw away. (nautical) A Chinese sailing vessel. (dated) A fragment of any solid substance; a thick piece; a chunk.. (nautical) Salt beef.. (slang) Any narcotic drug, especially heroin.. (slang) The clothed genitalia.. A collection of miscellaneous items of little value.. Discarded [...]
junkyard English (eng) A business that sells used metal or items.. A place where rubbish is placed.

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