juror etymology

English word juror comes from Latin ius (Court of law. Law, right, duty.), Proto-Italic *jowezāō (Swear (an oath).), Old Latin iovesat

Detailed word origin of juror

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ius Latin (lat) Court of law. Law, right, duty.
*jowezāō Proto-Italic (itc-pro) Swear (an oath).
iovesat Old Latin (itc-ola)
juro Latin (lat)
jurer Old French (fro) To promise; to swear.
jureor Old French (fro)
jurour Anglo-Norman (xno)
juror English (eng) (legal) A member of a jury.

Words with the same origin as juror

Descendants of ius
injustice jury just justice justification justify perjury
Descendants of *jowezāō
injury judge judgement judgment judgmental judicial jug juice juicy jurisdiction prejudice