justify etymology

English word justify comes from Latin justus, Latin facio, Latin ficare, and later Old French justifier (To show to be innocent.)

Detailed word origin of justify

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
justus Latin (lat)
facio Latin (lat) I appoint.. I do. I make, construct, fashion, frame, build, erect. I make, produce, compose.
ficare Latin (lat)
justificare Late Latin (LL)
iustificare Latin (lat)
iustificare Late Latin (LL)
justifier Old French (fro) To show to be innocent.
justifien Middle English (enm)
justify English (eng) (legal) To qualify (oneself) as a surety by taking oath to the ownership of sufficient property.. (legal) To show (a person) to have had a sufficient legal reason for an act that has been made the subject of a charge or accusation.. (transitive) To absolve, and declare to be free of blame or sin.. (transitive) To arrange (text) on a page or a computer screen such that the left and right ends [...]

Words with the same origin as justify

Descendants of justus
injustice just justice justification
Descendants of facio
affair affect defeat difficult effect effective face fact factory fair fashion identify infection office officer official perfect profit sacrifice satisfied scientific specific specifically terrific testify