juvie etymology

English word juvie comes from English -ie, English juvenile

Detailed word origin of juvie

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-ie English (eng) (occasionally, sometimes, derogatory) Forming nouns signifying the person associated with suffixed noun or verb.. Forming diminutive or affectionate forms of nouns or names.
juvenile English (eng) A person younger than the age of criminal responsibility.. A person younger than the age of majority.. A prepubescent child.. A publication for young adult readers.. An actor playing a child's role.. An animal that is not sexually mature. Characteristic of youth or immaturity; childish.. Young; not fully developed.
juvie English (eng) (colloquial) A minor.. (colloquial) A youth detention centre.

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Descendants of -ie
anyone auntie barbie birdie blondie bookie brownie cutie doggie girlie hottie junkie maggie movie one rookie someone sweetie un wan yan yen young youth youthful